Trail Gator Drawbar

Thanks to Trail Gator drawbar you can join your child's bike to yours in a flash without any tools. Just as easily you can separate the bikes again while Trail Gator is then folded and secured safely on your bike. It is made from a special steel alloy that ensures its durability.

  • maximum weight of child: 32 kg
  • adult bike seat tube diameter: 1–1.25" (25.4 to 31.8 mm)
  • adult bike size: at least 25" (63.5 cm)
  • children's bicycle size: 12"–20" (35.6 to 50.8 cm)
first day additional day weekendweek (10 days)
100,- CZK 80,- CZK 200,- CZK 600,- CZK

Security deposit 500 CZK.